Why Ireland?

With a population of just over 4 million, there must be some very good reasons why Ireland receives approx. 7 million tourists per year to its small island. The Lonely Planet travel guide recently named Ireland as the World’s Friendliest Country in a list of top travel destinations.  They say that visitors are in for a treat and that Irish people have a great sense of humour, welcoming nature and ability to have fun in good or bad times.

Molly Malone Statue Dublin CityAlthough Ireland is a small country, there’s a staggering amount to see and do and it’s compact size makes it easy to travel around. The easy going locals you’ll find along the way live up to their reputation as being one of the friendliest people in the world.  Getting to know the Irish is like finding a friend for life.

Ireland’s history and world famous culture stretches back for thousands of years. From turbulent land wars to tragic famines, the country’s past is written all over the land with an exceptional variety of historical attractions, which are guaranteed to fascinate the visitor.

The Irish people are very proud of their country and consider it an honour to welcome foreigners & tourists to Ireland.

Take the Map Test when you visit – stand on an Irish street holding a map and looking lost and count how many minutes it will take for a stranger to ask you if you need help. We guarantee that you won’t be waiting too long!

Why study English in Ireland?

Ireland is an increasingly popular destination for students of English from all over the world, with over 130,000 students choosing to come to Ireland to learn English.  Ireland was named the country with the most satisfied students in 2015, topping the charts in a study of over 17,000 students across Europe.

Ireland offers quality assurance for its English language sector and is seen as a bona fide alternative destination to the UK & Malta in Europe. An added benefit is that Ireland is the only English speaking country in the Euro Zone.

People who think that maybe the Irish accent is difficult to understand are in for a pleasant surprise when they arrive. Although there are many different accents in Ireland, like in any English speaking country, most Irish people speak clearly and slowly, in particular when talking to non-native speakers of English.

Another attractive lure for English language students to Ireland is the opportunity to connect with career opportunities in leading global companies located in Ireland. Ireland is home to the European Headquarters of companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Ireland is full of surprises and a great destination for an English language course!

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