Your course at Apollo will prepare you to use English in ‘real world’ situations and will take into account your interests & strengths and weaknesses, as well as your short and long term goals.

Apollo Junior

  • Course Programme: Students on Apollo Junior programme are divided by age for their classes as much as possible as follows: 11-13 & 14-17. Classes are designed specifically for students of this age using engaging topics & material. Our teachers use unique teaching methods to encourage students to speak English without feeling self-conscious.
  • Apollo Workbook: Apollo Juniors will each receive their very own course workbook filled with interesting topics & activities to follow during their course. Students will bring their workbook home giving them a sense of accomplishment & giving parents the opportunity to see what their son/daughter has been learning while in Ireland.
  • Apollo Focus: Consists of an optional 5 hours’ extra tuition per week, completely free of charge. Apollo Focus takes place twice per week during the activity time slots instead of 2 activities students can choose the Apollo Focus option when with us at the school.
  • Parents/Guardians of Apollo Juniors: Parents/Guardians of Apollo Juniors will be invited to a private Facebook group where you will receive daily updates, photos & videos from the junior programme your son/daughter is attending. This is a great way to involve you & we encourage all parents to participate.

Apollo Adults

  • Apollo GO – Goals and Objectives: On arrival at Apollo, as well as taking a level test, adult students will be required to tell us their personal goals & objectives for their programme with us. Their teachers will be given this information and will have a 1-1 tutorial with each student half-way through their programme or monthly for long-term courses and again at the end of the course to ensure that the student’s individual goals are being reached.
  • Apollo Real World Learning: While the relaxed and comfortable environment of the classroom is very conducive for learning English, it doesn’t necessarily prepare adult learners for real world situations. Apollo students will follow a structured programme to enable them to practice their English in real world situations such as job interviews, meetings, presentations, communicating by email & conducting skype calls though English. These scenarios will be recorded (with the student’s permission) and students will then receive feedback and areas for improvement afterwards.
  • Skype Lessons at Home: We are so confident that our students will experience the best quality teaching with us that they will want to bring Apollo back home with them. Our students will have the unique opportunity to do just that and book skype lessons with the same teachers they had in Dublin and continue their progress in a seamless way when they return back home.

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Welcome to Apollo at University College Cork!


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